Accidental Murder by Leeza McBride

Accidental Murder
by Leeza McBride

Some wives wish their husbands would hurry up and drop dead while others take matters in their own hands.

It seems that some Southern women are just born with an insanity gene as proven by Marie Smith, Nancy Wilson and Alice James.  Three women with ordinary lives who accidentally start a chain of events unlike any they have ever experienced.

The comedy starts when one dead husband arrives on the scene, murdered, accidentally, of course, and the women must find a place to dump the body.  Before long, their dead husband count increases by leaps and bounds and they are digging holes faster than a grave digger.

Seems they may get away with murder until Bambi Baker, the little tart one of the husbands was sleeping with, hires Detective Rhett Mason to find her Sugar Daddy because her rent is way overdue and he hasn’t been coming around lately.

Enjoy a hilarious romp with three ordinary housewives on their way to jail!