It’s A Writer’s Life

1511274_586583654757862_1651228271_nEver wonder what would happen if the police or the FBI happened to take a look at the browser history of your computer?  Well, I do.  I’m a writer and, on top of that, I’m a mystery/suspense writer.  I look up very unusual things.  Things like how long it takes a body to rot, or just how many dead bodies you could get in a dumpster.  What about poisons?  Which is the quickest or which will make your victim writhe in pain before they die?  I look up stuff like that all the time.

In addition to that, I have to be careful about what I discuss with other writers out in public.  For instance, if one just happened to be seated in a booth at a restaurant while discussing poisons and which one you were going to use on your next victim because it caused the most pain before eventual death, it’s always a good idea to pay attention to who is occupying the booth behind you.  If it’s a table full of police officers, you might want to ditch that conversation until a later time.  Police officers tend to ask too many questions about your subject matter.

Plus, when you’re at a cocktail party and you mention that you know 101 ways to kill a person, people tend to look at you strangely and move away slowly.

So, yeah, I keep expecting the powers that be to come knocking on my door at any moment and hauling me off to a padded cell somewhere.  What about you?