October 8, 2012

Okay, I’m not liking Mr. and Mrs. Nasty at all! As neighbors, they suck big time. I want my sweet old neighbors back. They were wonderful people. Alas, age caught up with them and they had to move to a facility where they could be looked after.

The Nasties got up one morning and someone had egged their house. Someone else obviously didn’t like the Nasties either. Well, they apparently decided it was the neighbor across the street who had done this dastardly deed! Police come once again and talk with that dastardly deed doing neighbor. By now the police are getting a little tired of showing up in our neighborhood. Neighbor tells Mr. Policeman (same one) that he didn’t egg the Nasties’ house; that he has better things to do with his time.

We think it was kids from the neighborhood as we live between two schools and there’s loads of kids. Other houses in the neighborhood have gotten T-P’d, etc. throughout the school year. At least no one has shot out their windows or put bullets through their house or any of that kind of thing!  Although I think that thought has crossed all our minds at one time or another.  LOL!

Next thing is I get a letter from the Nasties’ attorneys saying cease and desist throwing dead animal carcasses into the Nasties’ yard. Ewwhhh!  First of all, I wouldn’t even pick up a dead animal carcass! Get real! And there’d be blood involved!  Ewwwwwwh!  Strange as it seems, I pass out at the sight of blood – mine, yours, animals’ – doesn’t matter.  I can write about it but looking at it is a whole other story.

Seems Mr. Nasty had found several baby rabbits with their little heads cut off. Now get this, Mr. Nasty mows his small yard with a full-sized freakin’ farm tractor with a blade on it. The dang tractor can barely turn around in his back yard.  Hmmmmm! Do you think that possibly poor little bunnies hear/feel this horrible rumbling and they poke their little unsuspecting heads out of the little rabbit hole to see what the heck it is and …

Nope, I don’t do dead animal carcasses!