Sep 23, 2012 – The Nasties


Let me fill you in on the story of my nasty neighbors. The City was expanding the freeway here in our fair city. Mr. and Mrs. Nasty’s house was in the way of said freeway expansion so the City buys their house and moves them into my neighborhood. Right smack next door!

Now I tried to be friendly, said hello. Big mistake!

First problem arrives the next day (which was approximately three months ago). Mr. Nasty comes over to the fence and demands (doesn’t ask but demands – no hello neighbor could you do something for me type of thing but an all out demand) that I redirect the gutter downspouts from my house which face Mr. Nasty’s newly-paid-for-by-the-City’s property. My downspouts extended to the fence line which was not against any City ordinance. But, in an effort to be an accommodating neighbor, I removed the extensions on the downspouts that had been in place since I moved in over thirty years ago.

The remaining downspouts are now four feet ten inches from the fence line (my house is only five feet four inches from the fence line) and the fence line is approximately thirteen feet from Mr. and Mrs. Nasty’s house, making a total of approximately seventeen feet from my downspouts to their house. Both properties slope slightly to the fence line and the water runs off from both properties flowing through that slight valley toward the street. That’s the way the properties have been since I’ve owned mine and to the best of my knowledge it has not been changed since the houses were built in 1961.

Second problem, Mr. Nasty complained about my sump pump outlet. Mr. Nasty did not like where it was located. I’m not sure why since that outlet was non-functional anyway. The functional sump pump was at a location not bordering Mr. Nasty’s property. He just wanted to complain about something.

The problem was that Mr. Nasty was getting water leakage in his house due to the fact the entire subdivision was built over underground springs. All the homes on the west side of the street have water problems in the basements which require one or more sump pumps along with various other water control methods. In fact, my own home had basement water problems when I first moved in. I had the basement floor torn up and a basement waterproofing drainage system installed which is what Mr. Nasty should have done.

As an added complaint from Mr. Nasty, he mentioned that I had no rain gutter on the side of my home. Duh, it has a gable roof with the gable end facing Mr. Nasty’s property. Gable roofs do not require rain gutters on the gable ends. Water does not run off the side of any building with a gable roof. It runs off the front or back but never the sides. Duh!

All of that was within the first week. Stay tuned for what happened next.