The Nasties Again!

Haven’t told you much about The Nasties lately, but, rest assured, they are being knocked off in the book I’m working on.  (Insert maniacal laughter here!)

front-yard-2016-11-13They are still up to their old tricks.  Even though most of us on the block have complained to the city many times, Mr. Nasty still has his tractor parked on the front lawn (which is not allowed in our fair city).  He brings it out on Friday evenings after city offices close and leaves it there until early Monday morning, at which time he moves it to his back yard until the next weekend rolls around.

It’s not going to be too long, however, until he can no longer move it to his back yard as it’s getting full.  He now has two sheds in the back (at least one, as you can see, houses another tractor), plus he built a wagon (that’s the brown thing with the roof) with tall sides to hold more junk (old tractor tires, etc.).  There’s also an area he has fenced off to throw more old tires, wood, empty (hopefully) gas cans and other garbage into.

Tbackyard-2016-12-05here’s also a number of tractors which now reside in the backyard (and he can’t park his vehicles in the garage because there’s tractors in it, too) and now, although it’s not in this photo, there’s a pick-up truck sitting back there in that empty space behind the tractors.  When you live in the city, one would think you would have no need of a tractor much less as many as he seems to collect.  During the summer months, he mows that yard with his tractor and he tills a few rows for a garden to plant corn in.  At the rate these tractors are piling up, it won’t be long before there’s no room for the corn.  Oh wait, he could drop seeds in between the tractors.  LOL!  Wonder what Mr. Nasty will bring home next.  Maybe one of those huge combines or those sprinkler systems farmers use in their fields.  Or maybe a silo to hold the few ears of corn he grows.  Naw, it’ll be another tractor.  Stay tuned!